First one’s always free…

As I’m plotting the first post here, I’ve got to wonder how many other folks have sat here and pondered their first post.  From individuals, to groups, to companies,  I wonder what would you find if you were to look at the stats on first posts.  As with most sites in this age, it’s obvious that wordpress is grabbing as much data about the users of their site as they can.  So you’ve got to wonder what data they’re pulling when it comes to first posts.

The questions that come to mind are:

  • How many people leave the default first post “Hello World”?
  • How many people edit it the first post only once?
  • How many people spend alot of time editing it to craft the “perfect” post?

I would say that we (The Drink Tank) qualify for the last catagory.  I’ve actually spent the last 45 minutes trying to compose something witty.  Something eye catching.  Something that will grab you.Reality is that I gave up because blog posts should be, IMHO, a bit off the cuff and fluid.  To much composition and editing and you lose the sense realism that I think blogs originally allowed for.  There still is a sense of this from personal blogs but most commercial blogs I’ve read lately are just to well edited.

Hopefully, we won’t fall into that moving forward.  I promise to at least try really hard for my part. 😉 


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