Social networks, worms, and patriotic acts of war

I’ve been following Gadi Evron’s tweets for the past week, starting out with the Facebook worm and going into detail about the faux cyberwar front with Russia accused of attacking Georgia.

It turns out, while a number of Georgian sites were attacked, there is no proof that it was an offical Russian act, or even that the government had anything to do with it. It started out as an ordinary DDOS, but spread with scripts being distributed en masse. Lots of propaganda type stuff feeding off of people’s patriotic tendencies.

This lead me to the idea that it would be very easy for someone to put together a DDOS app for Facebook, MySpace, etc and distribute it very quickly. Things already spread fast there, even without exploiting the undocumented features. If scripts were included to “punish wrongdoers”, what would the implications be?

This could go way beyond nation/state patriotism. It could be used for political, social, or even hoax reasons.

Let me be the first to introduce Script Kiddies to the Facebook Generation.


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