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It’s not the device, it’s you…

“Can’t”, “doesn’t”, and “won’t” are things I’ve heard a lot, especially lately regarding the iPad. You are the people who both provide job security for me, thank you.

This is where I solve all the “iPad can’t” complaints regarding software limitations. Granted, it does assume network access, so those of you on flights that don’t have WiFi are SOL. There is this neat thing Microsoft has been pushing for ages called RDP. There is at least one app available. It also does VNC, which means, if you are like me and prefer OS X to Windows, you can have it all, too. Yes, you, the one with the penguin tattoo and the funny hair, VNC will work for you, too. On a side note, you might want to look into getting a cover up for that tattoo, maybe a blowfish?

Oh, wait, what’s that you’re saying? You want something local, but for some reason the Apple App Store cannot be used to distribute your app? What are you trying to do? Could a web application fill that void? Google has done some pretty spectacular things in that arena. With HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript all being supported, there are very few applications that can’t be designed to work on this platform. The added benefit is that if your Android, Blackberry, or even desktop browser supports those web standards, aside from possibly some tweaking for various screen sizes and maybe UI touches to match the platform, your app can work anywhere. You can give it away, you can charge for it, anything you like without Apple interfering at all.

The iPad is not perfect, but then nothing is. Where any tool is concerned, look at your needs, look at what the available tools are, and then look at what can be modified to most closely fit your needs.

So, if I hear “can’t”, it immediately becomes “you can’t”, because, quite frankly, I can, and probably will.

BTW – We are available to perform miracles and minor exorcisms.


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