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Lessons learned?

Dan Kaminsky said something during a discussion panel at defcon last year that still haunts me. To paraphrase:

We need to fundamentally change the way we develop software.

During the panel, I tried to raise the point that the issue is realistically just a people problem. Now it seems that I’m not the only one saying it. This article tackles the issue from an angle that argues that the issue is an age old one: we don’t learn from our history of mistakes.

Something to think about.


Dead Plot

Take a great 80’s film about computers (and probably one of the first examples of hacking), decide that you want to update it and make it hip. The result (if you’re the current remake crazy execs in hollywood) will get you the following crap:

So it’s a modern day version of the John Badham film we all grew up with. I could see a sequel starring Matthew Brodrick doing better than this.